Architecture Drawings by Mateo White

Juliana stolberglaan
Digital drawing


Custom Facade Drawing

Proudly display your historic home in all it's detail

To finance my studies, I am offering my services of recording and drawing your home's facade in detail as a piece of interior decoration. Each drawing is made to order, with prints and frames available in different sizes and colours. Due to their custom nature, each drawing can be personalised to feature pets, family, plants etc. 

Available in B&W, Monochrome, or Colour (Extra costs my apply)

For the moment orders are limited to Zuid Holland. Order time is around 2 weeks (Delays may occur). 

From building to drawing

On site photography and analysis to detailed digital drawing

22 Rue Vernier photo
22 Rue vernier elevation monochrome 40_50-1

Colours to match any interior

Customise colour, background, and lines


Drawn digitally, brick by brick, down to the very last detail

zoom in 2
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Timeless & Personal

Chose from a number of different formats of posters and cards, from A6 to A0 and anything in betwen. Frames can also be supplied for orders in The Hague. Prices shown are excluding the digital drawing costs (110€)

Limited series of 5. Available in A4, A3, A2, A1, etc. Custom sizes also possible

Black, White, Golden, Wood. Price depends on the size

A6 or A5, minimum order of 20